Historical Background

shutterstock_140662705Before the introduction of the Financial Planning profession, most customers were collaborating with a number of different specialists, who were not synchronizing their efforts in order to achieve the maximum benefit for the customer. Unfortunately, the different approach of the various specialists made difficult, if not impossible, the effort of a common planning. The profession of Financial Planners was created to give solution to this problem

The first Financial Planners appeared on the American financial market in the late 1960s. Today, the Financial Planning process is a successful methodology with spectacular results, both for customers and financial specialists who apply it. Surveys carried out on a systematic base in the USA, by independent bodies, showed that in recent years the profession of the Financial Planner is considered, from the consumer public as one of the top occupations in terms of prestige.

In USA Financial Planning has developed enough to have established specific supervisory bodies who guarantee the proper functioning of the institution and the protection of the consumer public. In Europe, the Financial Planning made its first steps in the 1980s.

Financial Planning was introduced in Greece in 1995 by a leading, insurance company. Several years later other companies (insurance and investment), started applying the specific methodology and it is certain that it will be followed by many others in the following years. There are bright prospects for the development of the Financial Planning profession in the near future.

The know-how and the means used by the Greek Financial Planners, differentiate them from all other professionals in the financial market, while not drool nothing from their respective Financial Planners abroad. All potential customers have financial needs that partly or in whole, can be covered by the services of a trustful and properly trained, Financial Planner..