Dear friends and colleagues,

On September 29, 2010 we experienced historic moments in the founding meeting of the Hellenic Financial Planners Association (HFPA). The future will reveal the history of this movement. After all Financial Planning on its own is a process that requires a long-term horizon.

I was very happy and emotionally attached that we all got back together after so long time. We associate with many happy memories from the past but now we look to the future where we anticipate much yet pleasant and constructive work.

As stated in our title we are an Association consisting of colleagues Financial Planners. We are the Association and have no other to support, finance or assist us. This by itself ensures our independence; we are accountable and responsible only to ourselves and the society. How high our Association will reach depends solely on the efforts and involvement of all of us. We should all work together to contribute to our common effort. Valuable ideas, efforts, hard work and commitment of all members are needed in order for our Association to reach where it deserves and needs to be.

In the midst of the most profound economic crisis that our country has ever experienced since the end of WWII, in a financial market that is changing rapidly and unfortunately sometimes for the worse, we have to shape the future developments in our industry. We should inform and teach the general public about the methodology of Financial Planning and the usefulness of cooperation with a professional Financial Planner

Our aim is to establish in Greece the profession of the Financial Planner.

These require much work from us all and please allow me to repeat once more that we all together are the Hellenic Financial Planners Association.

All who share our ideas and our love for the institution of Financial Planning and wish to join HFPA are encouraged to contact us.

All together we are making history.

May God bless you all,

Dimitris Colettis.