How can I become a member of HFPA

shutterstock_54070432As stated in our title we are a union consisting of colleagues, Financial Planners. HFPA is based on the effort, contribution and participation of all of its members. The ideas, actions, work and commitment of all members of the Union are of great value.

All together we will map out the next steps for the promotion, recognition and protection of the vocation of the Financial Planner in Greece, a profession that enjoys global recognition and admiration.

For those of us engaged in providing financial, insurance, investment or banking services and believe in the institution of Financial Planning is an honor and duty to participate in HFPA.

Members of the community of Economic Advisers, Financial Advisers, Independent Financial Advisors Independent Investment Advisors, Financial Planners, Financial Consultants and Financial Advisors are invited to join HFPA.

The prospective members must submit a written and signed request to the Board of Directors of the association, which examines all applications and communicate its decision in writing to the applicant.

HFPA is currently being established and until the final approval by the Greek courts we cannot accept new members. If you want to join HFPA you can contact as now there will be a priority.
You can communicate with Dimitris Colettis at 6955480249 or Kostas Triantafylloy at 6932243911 or fill in the registration form and email it at

You may download the relevant registration form..