Loss of life

shutterstock_145025500Death is a difficult and scary subject for most people.

Many people tend to postpone the ongoing review of important economic issues that have to do with a death. Unfortunately very often the survivors have to face legal and financial problems with which are usually totally unprepared.

For a person who mourns and who has a psychological state already not good, the pressure to resolve these financial issues can be overwhelming. Many times when a loved one passes away the ones who are left behind have in the mind the question, “what will become to me?”

Issues that often arise and must be solved after a death are as follows:

• The economic survivors of the family
• The repayment of debts and other liabilities
• The fees of the children studies
• The legal and other bureaucratic procedures
• The division of the inheritance
• The payment of inheritance taxes
• The costs of the funeral ceremony
• The cost of hospital treatment that preceded the death of the loved one

Many people care for elderly relatives or children with special needs and are concerned about what will happen to their dependents, when they will leave this life. Special provision should be made in order to continue providing care to dependents whatever might happen.

A professional Financial Planner can help clients to consider these challenges in advance and while they are alive to find the proper solutions to the economic impact caused by a possible death. Also if the client himself dies the Financial Planner will be next to the family for providing his assistance and services.

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